Në një operacion të IPK-së arrestohen shtatë të dyshuar

Në orët e mbrëmjes të datës 17.03.2015 dhe më 18.03.2015 Inspektorati Policor i Kosovës në bashkëpunim me Drejtorinë për hetimin e trafikimit me qenie njerëzore të PK-së ka realizuar operacionin e koduar me emrin “Sinjali”. Në konsultim me Prokurorinë Themelore në Ferizaj , Inspektorati Policor i Kosovës (IPK) ka filluar hetimet për këtë rast nga shtatori i 2014-ës. more...

 The Kosovo Police Inspectorate (KPI) functions based on the Law no 03/L-231 that has entered into force on the 1st of December 2010. KPI will function based on this law and sub legal acts which are issued with the purpose to enforce this law. The Agency combines the two primary functions in pursuit of the principles of accountability and transparency – the pillars of democratic police:

• Prevention, detection, documentation and investigation of the criminal offences committed by Police employees, regardless the position and gender during the exercising of the duty or off duty, including also the investigations of high profile disciplinary incidents and disciplinary investigation of the police officers with the highest grade of the highest managerial level and senior executive level officers. 

• Inspection of Kosovo Police (KP) structures and functions in order to ensure accountability, efficiency and effectiveness when enforcing laws, sub legal laws and standard operation procedures into force. 

KPI has been inspired and seeks to prove the compatibility of police with the European Code of Police Ethics as a standard framework to perform police duties in a democratic way.

Successful exercise of these powers by KPI will convince all communities in Kosovo that KPI can and will be accountable, either collectively or individually, by working to provide services and support for a secure and stable society.  

KPI by exercising its legal powers will actively be contributing in attaining these following three aims:

Effectiveness: ensuring that KP aims are achieved.

Compatibility: ensuring that KP aims are achieved in full compliance with applicable laws and European standards.

Capacity: ensuring that KP aims are achieved in most profitable mode, by making Kosovo tax payers aware for the work of police officers.
 The KPI model provides a rather real radical strategy towards the efforts to reduce and eliminate the corruption and possible misuses from police.